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Best Practices: Review airspace requirements in FAA UAS apps before you fly!

The FAA, working with industry, has developed applications that provide increased situational awareness to recreational flyers.

These are:

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These apps provide:

  • A clear "status" indicator that lets you know where you can fly
  • Informative, interactive maps with filtering options
  • Information about controlled airspace, special use airspace, critical infrastructure, airports, national parks, military training routes and TFRs
  • Ability to check whether it is safe to fly in different locations by searching for a location or moving the location pin
  • Links to other FAA drone resources and regulatory information
  •  FAA UAS Service Suppliers of LAANC also provide near real-time airspace authorizations
  • A full list of companies that provide authorizations to recreational flyers is available on the FAA website
Fri, 05/07/2021 - 11:48