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Understanding the Requirements for Recreational Flyers

The requirements of the Exception for Limited Recreational Operation of Unmanned Aircraft (“The Exception”) can be found in 49 U.S.C. §44809. Those requirements are:

  • Fly for recreational purposes only
  • Follow the safety guidelines of a Community Based Organization (CBO)
  • Keep your drone in your visual line of sight (VLOS)
  • Always give way to, and never interfere with, manned aircraft
  • Get an airspace authorization before flying in controlled airspace
  • Do not fly higher than 400ft above the ground in uncontrolled airspace
  • Pass an aeronautical knowledge and safety test
  • Register and mark your drone and comply with the associated Remote ID rule, 14 CFR Part 89

You will learn more about these requirements throughout this course.

Fri, 05/07/2021 - 11:25